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Where did the hot summer go?

Previously, the iced facilities such as Ice Tunnel at Climate & Environment Pavilion and Switzerland’s Gnifetti-Spitze Ice Cap of Swiss Pavilion were introduced to enjoy coooool summer in Yeosu Expo! Yeony and Suny… Continue reading

Dragon appeared in Yeosu Expo?!

Yeosu Expo is presenting “Four Gods” in its Expo Digital Gallery, also known as EDG, for 7 times a day. “Four Gods” are consisted of four gods in Asian legends, Blue Dragon, Red… Continue reading

A Dreaming Whale: now giving back his love to Yeosu Expo participants.

Yeosu Expo opened up on May 2012 with its environmental friendly theme: “the Living Ocean and Coast”. From its beginning there is a Whale that lives in the Yeosu Expo. Its name is… Continue reading

Yeosu transforms to the seven beaches of the world.

<Expo Digital Gallery> At the Expo Digital Gallery (EDG), visitors can experience the beautiful landscapes of seven world’s famous seas including the Dead Sea, Greenland, Capri, and Busan. Charles de Meaux, the renowned… Continue reading

New way to enjoy Yeosu Expo: Watching the performance lying on the ground

Visitors can watch performances held at Yeosu Expo lying on the floor at Expo Digital Galley (EDG). If you want resting and enjoying various shows like K-POP Concert and Shim Chung (Korean original… Continue reading

[12 days to go] Thematic Facilities 3 : Expo Digital Gallery, EDG

The lane ranging from Main Gate to Gate 3 (KTX Station) which is also the internal parts of the International Pavilion is the third Thematic Facility, Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) where visitors can… Continue reading

The world’s largest digital sea, high up in the sky!

Finally, Expo Digital Gallery(EDG) was inaugurated on April 23. During the Expo, there will be various cultural events with fabulous digital images. On the ceremony day, two digital images were demonstrated through super-sized… Continue reading

NEWSLETTER November 2011: Expo Preview

Ubiquitous Amalgamation of Marine Culture and Art Expo Digital Gallery   The exhibitions of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will include cutting-edge information technology. A classical example of the integration of exhibitions and IT… Continue reading