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[D-1] Who will be the lucky one to have the ticket to Expo 2015 Milan Italy?

On the last two days of Yeosu Expo (August 11 and 12), the mega-event will be held!! A great chance to win a huge prize of trip to Milan Expo in 2015 which… Continue reading

[D-4] Here are the winners for the “Recommend your favorite pavilion or spot” event!

Do you remember our Yeosu Expo Official Facebook Special Event? We now have the winners from “Recommend your favorite pavilion or spot” event, Here they are: 1st Place: Rachel Yap 2nd Place: Eunju… Continue reading

[D-7] Yeosu Expo will be closed shortly, visit Expo now!

According to recent rumor from the portal sites, the Yeosu Expo will be extended. This idea, however, is as widespread as it is wrong. After the august 12th, Yeosu Expo is no longer… Continue reading

Inviting Local Governments on Visit Expo Day!

  Yeony and Suny invite the residents living in some local governments in Korea and offer a special admission ticket priced as KRW 3,000. How to visit on Visit Expo Day with special… Continue reading

A Very Special Event to win a Newest Digital Camera!

What? Samsung Digital Camera is a prize? Hurry!! Hurry!! There is a very special event at the official Facebook page of Yeosu Expo. All you have to do is recommending your favorite pavilion… Continue reading

Special Event – the Official Facebook Page (Japanese)

Note) The following event is going to be held in Japanese Facebook page of Yeosu Expo. If you want to participate and win for this event, you have to visit ===>>> At 12am… Continue reading

New Season of street performing festival just arrived at Yeosu Expo!

The beautiful music flows all over the place and Street Performing Festival begins for the visitors. Everyone starts to laugh as the performances that provided humorous story and ridiculous actions by street performance… Continue reading

Use bbb – Volunteer Interpretation Service

Yeosu Expo and bbb have been cooperating to support communication for overseas visitors. “BBB” is one of NGOs which tries to help foreign people visiting Korea and Korean people visiting other foreign countries… Continue reading

[Notice] Additional Discounts will be given to foreign visitors, soldiers & college students.

The Organizing Committee announced that additional huge discount will be offered. Details are the following: ☞ For college students Date: July 15 – 20 (named as the week of college students) The fare… Continue reading

Asian Song Festival in Yeosu Expo!

    The ‘Asian Song Festival’ that has been performed by Asian top artists since the year of 2004, will be unfolded before your eyes in Yeosu Expo. As the global events of… Continue reading