[12 days to go] Thematic Facilities 3 : Expo Digital Gallery, EDG

The lane ranging from Main Gate to Gate 3 (KTX Station) which is also the internal parts of the International Pavilion is the third Thematic Facility, Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) where visitors can watch sea up in the sky. Expo Digital Gallery installed in the ceiling would present fantastic image contents to visitors through huge LED screen of 218mX30m having 6,540,000 pixels.

‘A dreaming whale’ which is available for mutual communication where it reacts to visitors’ reactions and its form is completed by photos transmitted from visitors’ phones would be broadcast through screen. Also, a Korean traditional tale, ‘Shim Chung’ would be presented.  The tale is about a filial daughter who devoted herself for her blind father and is reinterpreted as a story to link the ocean and the land. Also, some characteristic image contents such as Sashin-Gi of Naoko Tosa, Japanese media artist would be exhibited. Besides, the Expo Digital Gallery realized through digital image of the top seven oceans using 3D holographic sound system which was produced by Charles de Meaux, a French famous director, would enable visitors to watch the ocean up in the sky with eyes and hear the vivid sound of the ocean by ears. With all of these fantastic contents, Expo Digital Gallery would be presented as a future space where humans and the ocean could co-exist.

Digital Gallery which is called as “the Thematic Facility” along with the Sky Tower and the Big-O in that visitors do not have to wait in a long line and whoever can watch it everywhere, would be a facility in which visitors can feel the theme of the Yeosu Expo, “the Living Ocean and Coast” closely.

One potential challenge staffs have is that visitors could watch the ceiling as they lie in the ground.