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The closer we get to the closing day, the more crowded the Expo site is! Super hot weather cannot stop the passion and the happiness of Yeosu Expo visitors. We hope all who… Continue reading


Yesterday was the 50th day after the opening of Yeosu Expo. Please keep supporting us and note that feedbacks are always welcome. The next special edition will be released on July 15. Please… Continue reading

Expo Newsletter May Regular Edition

Here, the Regular Newsletter for this month is delivered! Tadah! 🙂 Leave a comment if you have any suggestion, idea, comment, or criticism, which are all welcome for better newsletter. If anything is adoptable,… Continue reading

Newsletter May Special Edition

Here is the special edition of Newsletter this month! From May to August, the Newsletter is going to be published two times a month(15,30th). Any comments or feedback are always welcome. 🙂 Click the… Continue reading

Newsletter April 2012

If you are fascinated by the first page of the Newsletter as I did, Please click the link below to view all the latest updates on Yeosu Expo! Feel free to leave any comments or feedback on… Continue reading