[11 days to go] Experience Zone 1 : Energy Park

(a picture of the Energy Park on April 24, the day of celebrating its building completion)

Among the facilities of the eco-friendly Yeosu Expo which strives for the living ocean, one of the most specialized facilities which feature the theme of the Yeosu Expo best is the “Energy Park” where visitors can produce and experience new renewable energy. Renewable Energy Power Plants such as solar photovoltaic power and wind power and Experience Zone in which visitors can experience energy production themselves exist and also an “on-line bus” which is a potential future transportation would be run.

Solar Tracking System (see the picture below) is the key to eco-friendly new renewable energy to be in the limelight and produces more than 2 million kWh of energy with which about 700 houses in Yeosu can use for a year and 1600 tons of green-house gases are expected to be reduced at the same time.

Then, visitors can go to the Experience Zone with amusement facilities such as ‘Energy maze game.’ ‘Water cannon bikes,’ ‘Dance floor,’ ‘Make a recycled rocket’ and etc. through which visitors can experience how to produce energy  so that they can learn and realize the importance of the energy.

Here is the picture of a zone named “Feel the wave”  where visitors become a wave themselves. The intensity of the strength which is applicable to the strength of the wave is expressed as a digital gauge on the screen after you run into a cushion.

“Energy swing” which produces the sounds of a music box if visitors move back and forth so propellers operate.

Addition to these, ‘Make a recycled rocket’ in which visitors can fly their empty plastic bottle as a rocket, ‘Energy maze game’ where visitors solve exciting quizzes related to new renewable energy, and all the other facilities in Experience Zone would be a good learning place for children visitors.

In the Energy Part, visitors can also enjoy the blue sea of Yeosu while taking an “on-line bus” for free when they get out from the crowd pavilions. The “on-line bus” in the picture below is a potential future transportation which can be charged wirelessly while the bus runs and so was selected as one of TIME’s 50 Inventories of 2010. It will run at most 60 times a day and 2,700 visitors will be able to take it.

The Energy Park which strives for sustainable and eco-friendly improvement and development would be one of the places to deliver the core theme of the Yeosu Expo.