Where did the hot summer go?

Previously, the iced facilities such as Ice Tunnel at Climate & Environment Pavilion and Switzerland’s Gnifetti-Spitze Ice Cap of Swiss Pavilion were introduced to enjoy coooool summer in Yeosu Expo!

Yeony and Suny came back other facilities making you cool down!

Expo Digital Gallery

Installed in the top of International Pavilion, The LED displaying roof, a 218m long, is the one of the coolest place in the Yeosu Expo. The LED Display not only protects the visitors from the strong sunbeam during the daytime but also generates the natural fresh and cool airs as an air conditional does. It is a perfect place for the visitor who needs to take rest, tiring from hot weather.



The mostly loved show at Yeosu Expo, Big-O Show is just here for the Expo visitors who have too heated from hot summer. When the sun goes down, the Big-O, multimedia show is presented to the Expo visitors, with the cool night breeze from the ocean neared. Don’t forget to bring a sweater, since it is too cool to freeze you!