A Dreaming Whale: now giving back his love to Yeosu Expo participants.

Yeosu Expo opened up on May 2012 with its environmental friendly theme: “the Living Ocean and Coast”. From its beginning there is a Whale that lives in the Yeosu Expo. Its name is A Dreaming Whale which lives in 218m length and 30m width of huge LED screen of Expo Digital Gallery (EDG). A Dreaming Whale got much attentions and was loved by visitors in Expo, which along brought Expo’s executive meeting. To give back the love A Dreaming Whale has received, Yesou Expo is now offering “Faithful Dreaming Whale” event.

There are two ways to participate in the event.

One way is to take a picture of A Dreaming Whale then send it to the homepage through Yeosu Expo UCC application. Another way is to take a picture through using Kiosk stand in the ECG, and send it to the homepage. Expo team will print and send the picture for free for the first 600 pictures every day until the Expo closes.

Hours – 11:00am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm (5 times/day)

Fist comers should be first served  – up to 120 /session (up to 600 people per day) 

Faithful Dreaming Whale will last from tomorrow(July 13) to the end of the Expo. This event’s purpose is not only to give back the love, but also to give a fond memory of Expo.