NEWSLETTER November 2011: Expo Preview

Ubiquitous Amalgamation of Marine Culture and Art Expo Digital Gallery


The exhibitions of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will include cutting-edge information technology. A classical example of the integration of exhibitions and IT will be the Expo Digital Gallery (EDG). The ceiling of the EDG is covered with huge LED panels presenting a dazzling variety of surreal images that will make visitors feel as though they are in a submarine tunnel. The LED panels form the canopy of the central promenade directly connected to the Yeosu Expo Station. The central promenade spans 415 meters in length with a width of 21 meters. It will surely enthrall visitors.

Interactivity is yet another interesting feature of the EDG. The EDG will provide an interactive experience for the audience by allowing them to directly post personal messages and pictures on the ceiling, which also displays marvelous and ever-changing scenes of the ocean.

The Organizing Committee is establishing an optimal infrastructure that will offer visitors the most convenient and friendly environment possible by utilizing IT to the fullest. A wide variety of information technologies will be applied to pavilions, especially the EDG, to maximize artistic creativity. The Organizing Committee will cooperate with IT companies to utilize robots, portals, games and more – to showcase state-of-the-art images of the ocean.

With the vision of presenting a U-EXPO (Ubiquitous Expo), Yeosu Expo will be a “Smart” exposition that utilizes IT better than anytime in the past.