The world’s largest digital sea, high up in the sky!

Finally, Expo Digital Gallery(EDG) was inaugurated on April 23. During the Expo, there will be various cultural events with fabulous digital images.

On the ceremony day, two digital images were demonstrated through super-sized screen with world’s best picture quality; the first one was the story of Shim-Cheong based on folk tales and the second one was Sashin-Gi by prof. Naoko Tosa, a media artist of Japan.

“the story of Shim-Cheong”


EDG is a section connecting the main gate of Expo and the gate 3(KTX Station) reaching 415m in length and 21m in width. Also, a large LED screen with the highest resolution of 6.54 million pixels was installed on the ceiling; the screen reaches 218m in length and 30m in width.

Especially, it is expected that 3D Holo-graphic sound system will present vivid sound of the sea. The sound system will be embodied based on the Seven Seas of the World by director Charles de Meaux.