Yeosu transforms to the seven beaches of the world.

<Expo Digital Gallery>

At the Expo Digital Gallery (EDG), visitors can experience the beautiful landscapes of seven world’s famous seas including the Dead Sea, Greenland, Capri, and Busan. Charles de Meaux, the renowned producer and his people collected these sounds and images to create an extraordinary film in contribution to Shin-ji-ke. The images and sound of the seven beautiful seas will make her story more fulfilled.

<Shin-ji-ke Yeo>

Shin-ki-ke Yeo is a Korean mermaid from Geomun-do. Unlike the mermaids that kidnap and harm sailors, she is the guardian who warns an upcoming storm by throwing rocks into the sea. Otherwise, she usually appears singing at Yeo Reef of Geomundo.

<Charles de Meaux>

French director Charles de Meaux, who co-produced ‘Uncle Boonmee’, awarded with the ‘Golden Palm’ prize at the Cannes Film Festival, presents “A Tribute to Shin-ji-ke Yeo Mermaid” in 3D for the first time in Korea. The director decided to produce this film because he was impressed by the unique story of Asian mermaid. Other videos of several Asian tales are also represented with high quality IT technology.

You can visit romantic beach at Hawaiian Island without expensive either flight ticket or complicated passport process. And you can also meet the mermaid of the legend. These are all available everyday at the EDG.

Do you want to know more about this attractive mermaid? Read this:

“She was once the queen of Inoki Island, Kyushu of Japan. She fell in love with Seo-bok, who was on a mission to find the ‘Medicine of Immortality’ ordered by the government of ‘Han’ Dynasty, and followed him to Geomun-do. The legend continues that, when they were stranded, Shinji died and became a mermaid, who waited for Seo-bok sitting on Yeo Rock” (Source: a folk lore in Geomun-do).