The classical world’s idol, Ditto will appear on Yeosu stage.

<Ensemble Ditto>


A famous ensemble Ditto, who is often called an idol of the classical world, comes to Yeosu. Ditto will perform twice, as the only classic artist among special guests of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. The ensemble invites visitors to “Ditto Odyssey” on June 30th and Ensemble Ditto Season Six “White Night” on July 6th

<Richard Yongjae O’Neill of Ditto>


“Ditto Odyssey” combines classic and visual art in a fantastic way. Starting with Dvor˘ak’s Symphony No. 9 in E Minor <From the New World>, Ditto reflects a journey to the space with Mason Bate’s electronic performance and Choi Jongbum’s visual art. The concert is the first show in Korea for Mason Bates, whose symphony <Liquid Interface> will be played. The stage is also the debut stage for Richard Yongjae O’Neill, a world-famous violist, as a conductor.



Ensemble Ditto Season Six “White Night” presents special features and elegant tunes. The program will perform Projofiev Quintet in G minor and Shostakovich Piano Quintet in G minor at Yeosu. Yeony and Suny expect to appreciate the Russian “White Night” at night beach in Yeosu.



Let’s meet Ditto’s performances in prior to their stages in Korea!

<Dvorak Piano quintet, A major, OP.81 Mov.4 (2010 DITTO Festival Live)>

<Ensemble DITTO Season6 ‘WHITE NIGHT’ ep4>