Unveiling of Shinkai 6500!

<Shinkai 6500>

The manned deep submergence vehicle, Shinkai 6500 is now displayed in Yeosu Expo!

JAMSTEC, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology will be unveiling its Shinkai 6500 at Yeosu on upcoming weekend. As named Shinkai 6500, the vehicle is able to submerge under the 6500 meters deep of ocean. It has been collected many valuable information from deep ocean and which foster the Marine science and technology. In the meantime, Shinkai 6500 was only available seen through the model of Shinkai 6500 at Ocean and Coast Best Practice Area (OCBPA), but now you can experience the real vehicle in Yeosu Expo. Moreover, there will be a lecture of diverse marine organisms, provided by JAMSTEC.

This event is only available through June 29th to July 1st at OCBPA Communication Lap.  Yeony and Suny strongly recommend you attending this particular event, provided valuable information of marine organisms!