China is the world’s most-populous country. It has world’s third-largest country by land area. Historically, economic reform was innovative and grand and which led China to have one of the largest economic market in the world.It is located in central Asia and general weather depends on locations of the country due to large county of the country. The capital city is Beijing.

The China Pavilion is organized under its theme of One Sea and One Possibility. In particular, the Pavilion is simply divided into three core areas: ocean development and protection, marine science and technology, and marine culture.

Now, Yeony and Suny introduce National Day of China to you!

Today Chinese Vice-Premier of the State Council, Wang Qishan also visited China Pavilion celebrating for its National Day!

In China Pavilion, the amazing performances were organized.

First performance that began the National Day event was Jinyonghon, which is Chinese representative dance. The show described the ancient Chinese warrior’s braveness.

As China is also well-known for Peking Opera, Pavilion provided Peking Opera which was extremely amazing.

The cultural show was ended by Chinese famous vocalist, Liao Chang. He also had staged at the Shanghai Expo 2010. His voice was once again flowed on the Expo!