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The 14th Korea-China Music Festival on August 25

EDG (Expo which has gained reputation as a fantastic stage that lots of fans and K-POP stars had loved during the Expo will host a grand music festival again! The 14th Korea-China Music… Continue reading

Celebrating the successful voyage of 93 days!!

Yesterday (August 12), the 92 days’ voyage of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea successfully ended! To celebrate the successful hosting of 21st century’s first Ocean Expo, lots of VIPs from participant countries, international organizations,… Continue reading

[D-1] Who will be the lucky one to have the ticket to Expo 2015 Milan Italy?

On the last two days of Yeosu Expo (August 11 and 12), the mega-event will be held!! A great chance to win a huge prize of trip to Milan Expo in 2015 which… Continue reading

[D-2] Yeony and Suny finally completed Must-visit List!!!

Thanks to Yeony and Suny’s friends’ help, Yeony and Suny could successfully complete the Must-visit List of Yeosu Expo! At the Special Event held on the official Facebook page of Yeosu Expo from… Continue reading

[D-3] On coming Sunday (Aug 12), there will be Yeosu Declaration Forum!

On coming Sunday (Aug 12), there will be Yeosu Declaration Forum held at Expo Hall, International Pavilion Block C. There will be approximately 800 participants at this Forum including major VIPs, Expo visitors… Continue reading

[D-4] Here are the winners for the “Recommend your favorite pavilion or spot” event!

Do you remember our Yeosu Expo Official Facebook Special Event? We now have the winners from “Recommend your favorite pavilion or spot” event, Here they are: 1st Place: Rachel Yap 2nd Place: Eunju… Continue reading

[D-5] Yeosu Expo is getting viral from great performances!

< Opening Ceremony of Yeosu Expo 2012 > Since the opening day (May 12) of Yeosu Expo, the accumulated number, measured from opening date to August 6th, of all performances is found out… Continue reading

[D-5]The UN Pavilion will present the outstanding and brilliant musical show!

<Park, Kalin> The musical show, “The Friends of Kalin” organized by Korean famous musical singer Kalin Park, will be performed at Expo hall. The show contains diverse genres representing the spirit of UN,… Continue reading

[D-6] Every ending is the new beginning: the last EXPO SNS Supporters Day!

 < Expo SNS Supporters at Sweden Pavilion > Expo SNS Supporters Day held on every Saturday which Expo SNS Supporters come along not only to PR Yeosu Expo, but also to contribute to… Continue reading

[D-7] The Show Must Go On! – Expo Pop Festival Line-Ups for the last week

Only 7 days’ chance to enjoy the once in a life time experience – Expo 2012 Yeosu Expo! With floods of visitors and final events before the closing of Yeosu Expo, Yeony and… Continue reading