[July 31] Let’s Meet the World: Peru

Ancient Peru was the origin of prominent ancient civilization, which includes Inca Empire that was captured by the Spanish conquistadors. Since then, Spanish language has been used as National language. Peru is located in Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador. The climate varied in region: tropical in east and dry desert in west. The population of Peru is about 30 million, and the capital city is Lima.

 <Inside the Peru Pavilion>

At Peru Pavilion, the walls are designed to show dynamics of waves of seas. It is to show emphasize the importance of ocean, and abundance in resources at Peru’s seas. There is a Peruvian restaurant at the middle of pavilion, and there is a Stairway to Machu-Picchu for second floor which display and introduce Machu-Picchu.

To celebrate its National Day, Peru had showed performance called, Sentimiento Peruano; it means Peruvian Sentiment. The performance is to show beautiful multicultural country, Peru. It included different music and dance. There was Balicha music, which is dedicated to beautiful woman Balicha Wilca in Cuzco region. There were different types of dances; Marinera, Algra en la Selva, Festejo, Morenada, Juaristi and Tondero.

Among many amazing dances, Marinera is known to the most complicated yet also the most famous Peruvian dance. Marinera is a romantic dance which male and female dancers use colorful scarves and music by Kajon instrument and guitars!

Then, let’s meet this amazing, performance with some photos!