#Yeosu&Goheung / Experience the space tour!

Yeosu Expo → Goheung Youth Space Experience Center → Space Science Museum of Naro Space Center

Are you interested in space? Not an empty ‘space’, but space where stars and moon shine! If you are interested, try going to Goheung Youth Space Experience Center and Space Science Museum of Naro Space Center.

<The Entrance of Goheung Youth Space Experience Center>

<Outdoor of Goheung Youth Space Experience Center>

Goheung Youth Space Experience Center has Multimedia Pavilion, Astronaut Training Experience Equipments, Space (Gravity-Free) Adaptation Equipments, Spacecraft Equipments and more to let youths experience about space. For outdoor experience facilities, there are also Observatory, Time Capsule Square and Rocket Launching Sites.

To visit Goheung Youth Space Experience Center, visitor should make a reservation.

 <Naro Rocket at Naro Space Center>

<Inside of Space Science Museum of Naro Space Center>

Naro Space Center is not open to public, yet its Space Science Museum is open to public to help people know more about space, and Space Industry. Space Science Museum offers space science technology, display and education of space.

At Space Science Museum’s 1st exhibition, there are displays of history of Space, Space Industry, and Korea’s attribution in both Space and Rocket Industry. At outdoor exhibition, there are education center along with experience center related to space science technology.

These places are awesome! Yeony and Suny want to go visit! To everyone who is going to visit these places! Yeony and Suny envy you so much… have fun!