The 1st story: Like to have first hand experiences? Come to the Yeosu Expo.

Following to Trip to Yeosu with “Yeony and Suny,” a new series of reports created by “I Love Yeosu” came back to introduce Yeosu Expo!

Young generation will guide you the Expo with their understanding from now on!

This series deal with experience facilities of the Yeosu Expo.

Let’s meet Energy Park today!!

The club of “I Love Yeosu” was created by high school students who live in Yeosu. The club consists of 5 sub-clubs – “Youth,” “Earth,” “Ocean,” “Secret,” “U-City.” The combining of first letters of each sub-club’s name makes “YEOSU.”

Note) the following story is originally created by I Love Yeosu Club students.


“Like to have first hand experiences? Come to the Yeosu Expo.”

Experience while enjoying Yeosu and the Ocean ⑤ Experience Facilities

It is the poster for Yeosu Expo. Why is it named ‘hands and sea’? When we look at it, we can see a bird is squatting a person’s hand that is painted white. There are also sea plants. Doesn’t it seem in harmonious co-existence with nature, transcending time and space?

But why a hand? Could it mean to experience ‘first hand’ by any chance? It’s like the feeling that one gets when fish bite or pull on the fishing rod! It is Yeosu Expo where you can feel such a thrilling firsthand experience throughout your entire body.

Want to experience some energy? Go to the Energy Park.”

The “Energy Park” is a theme park, and it is divided into an indoor display and outdoor experience. If you go inside, you can learn about things like wireless charging, electric buses, hydrogen fuel electric vehicles, and solar-light power generation, though it can be a bit boring. The highlight of the Energy Park is on the outside.

First, the ‘bicycle water cannon’! It is a bike that allows you to learn the principles of waterpower generation, which makes electricity with water, by turning the turbine when you step on the bicycle pedal and produce electricity. Since you can play with many others, kids like it a lot.

There are some other unique and inspiring devices; the ‘wind pedal’ to understand the principle of wind power generation; ‘My body is a wave’ to understand the principle of the wave power generation; and the ‘Energy swing’ that plays the ‘orgel music sound’ while having the behavior of riding the swing becoming energy.

**News written by the group, ‘ILOVEYEOSU’ : Cha Minjin, Kang Sein, Kim Jihui, Kim Chaeyeon, Yun Dahyun. Guidance teacher : Park Yongseong


Orgel is a surname, and may refer to: It may also refer to the Japanese word for a musical box,, or from the Dutch language Dutch.

Yeony and Suny will be back with the 2nd story regarding other experience facilities.

Thank you for reading and thank “I LOVE YEOSU.”