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Transforming to Yeony and Suny “Have you tried the puppet mask? I have”

by Song, Jieun (Yeony – Suny Reporter)   While Kkumdori was the mascot at Taejon Expo in 93, Yeony and Suny are the mascots at 2012 Yeosu Expo. I will tell you my experience of participating… Continue reading

[Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea] 2. How to go to Yeosu Expo Station by taking the KTX?

Written by Kong, Naeyoung (Yeony-Suny Reporter)   Hi guys! this is Kong, Naeyoung who is Yeony – Suny reporter. I will now start the main posting for my Yeosu trip!! The concept of this trip was 1… Continue reading