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[D-5] Yeosu Expo is getting viral from great performances!

< Opening Ceremony of Yeosu Expo 2012 > Since the opening day (May 12) of Yeosu Expo, the accumulated number, measured from opening date to August 6th, of all performances is found out… Continue reading

Be drowned by the voices from the heaven!!

<the left – David D’or / the right – Huyng Joo Lim> Israeli popera star, David D’or and Korean world’s popera tenor, Hyung Joo Lim will show what they got to celebrate Israeli… Continue reading

New way to enjoy Yeosu Expo: Watching the performance lying on the ground

Visitors can watch performances held at Yeosu Expo lying on the floor at Expo Digital Galley (EDG). If you want resting and enjoying various shows like K-POP Concert and Shim Chung (Korean original… Continue reading