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Note) The following schedule can be altered depending on unpredictable conditions on the spot.

Lodge for high-ranking officials: Jeonjugaeksa

In the past as it is now, finding a place to stay was one of the most important things for travelers. To accommodate travelers, there were lodges called “Gaeksa.” However, those who stayed… Continue reading

The World’s First Expo

Hello, My name is Yeony. The World Expo which will be held in Yeosu in 2012, is one of three large-scale world events together with the Olympic games and the soccer World Cup.… Continue reading

[South Coast] Travel to every corner of the South Coast with Admiral Yi Sun-sin : Day 4

1. Jeseungdang on Hansan Island, The Three Provinces’s Naval Forces Headquarters We cannot speak about Admiral Yi without mentioning Hansan Island and Jeseungdang. The Battle of Hansan Island is remembered as one of the world’s… Continue reading

NEWSLETTER December 2011: 5 International Cruise Operators to Send Their Fleet of Cruise Liners to Yeosu

Large cruise ships from the U.S., Italy, Japan and China will anchor in the Cruise Terminal in Yeosu next year, which will mark the first time so many cruise liners ships are expected… Continue reading

Can Dolphins in Aquariums Survive in the Wild?

Hello, this is Suny. Many dolphins are living on the coasts of Jeju-do (the largest island in Korea and a world famous tourist site), which is why fishermen often incidentally catch (fish accidentally… Continue reading

Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes

Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes is a world heritage site in Korea. Jejudo is a volcanic island, 130 kilometers from the southern coast of Korea. The island has a surface area of 1,846… Continue reading

Expos and Advancements: A Sampling

by Urso Chappell      In any article about the history of world’s fairs, you’ll see the many references to the inventions and other advancements that have been introduced at international expositions. It’s not… Continue reading

Local Governments Pavilion

This joint pavilion consists of 23 modules for 22 local governments and the host city Yeosu. The architectural design of the pavilion and the exhibit reflect the characteristics of those local governments in… Continue reading