The Yeosu Declaration – Overview

Background Oceans and coasts are not only the origin of life on Earth, but also a rich repository of biological diversity and a foundation for human survival. However, indiscriminate development and exploitation of… Continue reading

The Yeosu Declaration – Summary

The Essence of the Yeosu Declaration The ocean is essential to the well-being of all humanity and it should be taken care of for present and future generations. The ocean, as repository of… Continue reading

The most famous restaurant in Yeosu – Jakeun Eochon

Hi, this is Suny. I intorduce one of famous restaurant in Yeosu. This restaurant srrves saltwater eels caught from the frontal waters of Yeosu and Tongyoung and special sauce to remove fish smell.… Continue reading

[Jeollanamdo] Feel the Natural landscape of Jeollanamdo