[D-2] Performance / Event Schedule on August 10

Note: the following schedule can be altered depending on the unpredictable conditions on the spot. Also, due to the weather condition, most of the street performances are going to be held within International… Continue reading

[D-3] Leave your memory with Expo souvenir!

Netherlands Pavilion “Join the Pipe” It is the unique designed water bottle that is able to be combined with its other water bottles. Denmark Pavilion What is the first word that comes to your… Continue reading

[D-3] LEt’s drink Pure water!

LifeStraw is a water filter designed to be used by one person to filter water so that they may safely drink it. It filters a maximum of 1000 liters of water, enough for… Continue reading

[D-3] Let’s Celebrate Day of FAO!

< Day of FAO VIP Delegation > Today (Aug 9) at Expo Hall, the Day of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) event was held. FAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN). It… Continue reading

[D-3] On coming Sunday (Aug 12), there will be Yeosu Declaration Forum!

On coming Sunday (Aug 12), there will be Yeosu Declaration Forum held at Expo Hall, International Pavilion Block C. There will be approximately 800 participants at this Forum including major VIPs, Expo visitors… Continue reading


Note: the following schedule can be altered depending on the unpredictable conditions on the spot. Thank you for your understanding.

[D-4] AUG 8 – LET’S MEET THE WORLD: Mexico

            Mexico is a federal constitutional republic in Central America. It shares boarders with the USA, Belize, and Guatemala. As the fifth largest country in the Americas by… Continue reading

[D-4] VIP Celebrities highly praised about Yeosu Expo!

< Secretary General of the BIE, Vincente Gonzales Loscertales giving a speech > Vincente Gonzalez Loscertales who is Secretary General of the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) had visited Yeosu Expo and evaluated… Continue reading

[D-4] various mascots live in Yeosu Expo 2

As the yesterday’s post of various mascots live in Yeosu Expo, Yeony and Suny are introducing their friends again. Philippine Pavilion: BOK The giant clam, BOK is the mascot of the Philippine Pavilion.… Continue reading

[D-4] Here are the winners for the “Recommend your favorite pavilion or spot” event!

Do you remember our Yeosu Expo Official Facebook Special Event? We now have the winners from “Recommend your favorite pavilion or spot” event, Here they are: 1st Place: Rachel Yap 2nd Place: Eunju… Continue reading