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Expos and Advancements: A Sampling

by Urso Chappell      In any article about the history of world’s fairs, you’ll see the many references to the inventions and other advancements that have been introduced at international expositions. It’s not… Continue reading

Memorabilia: Keeping the Expo Alive After Closing Day

by Urso Chappell      They’re in attics and drawers around the world. They’re also in museums spanning the globe. Each time a world’s fair is held, millions want to grab a piece of… Continue reading

Eating (and Drinking) Your Way Around the World

by Urso Chappell      When you get enough people together for any human endeavor, food will inevitably become an integral part of that effort. This is so true when a world’s fair happens,… Continue reading

Some Lesser Known World’s Fair Architectural Achievements

by Urso Chappell      When you see articles about world’s fair history, it’s not surprising that you see lots of references to the architectural landmarks they’ve produced in 160 years. From the Crystal… Continue reading

What Is an Expo Anyway? What Do I Do at One?

What Is an Expo Anyway? What Do I Do at One? by Urso Chappell        I’m sometimes asked to speak to classes or other groups about world’s fairs. The first few times… Continue reading

Seattle 2012: A Glimpse of Yeosu 2062?

Seattle 2012: A Glimpse of Yeosu 2062? by Urso Chappell            How will Expo 2012 change Yeosu? How will it be remembered in fifty years? For a glimpse into that possibility, you can… Continue reading

From Pelican to Plankton: A Brief History of Expo Mascots

A Brief History of Expo Mascots By Urso Chappell       Yeony and Suny, the mascots for Expo 2012, are in good company. They represent the latest in a line of characters created for international… Continue reading

Expo Passports: One-of-a-Kind Documents of Your Expo Experience

One-of-a-Kind Documents of Your Expo Experience by Urso Chappell      In Shanghai at Expo 2010, they became a mania with lines stretching down the block to buy them. Forty-three years earlier, it got… Continue reading

The Exponential Importance of Oceans

The Exponential Importance of Oceans by Urso Chappell      Since world’s fair were first introduced to our world with London’s 1851 Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, the phenomenon has… Continue reading