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[June 18] Let’s meet the world: The Netherlands

<Night view of Amsterdam> The Netherlands, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located in Northwestern Europe. This country borders the North Sea to the northeast, Belgium to the South and Germany to the… Continue reading

[June 17] Let’s meet the world: Sudan

                  Sudan, officially the Republic of the Sudan, is an Arab state located in North Africa, which is considered part of the Middle East as… Continue reading

Girls’ Generation Seohyun promotes the UN Pavilion at Yeosu Expo.

Korea’s sweetheart will visit the Yeosu Expo on June 20th to endorse the UN Pavilion. Girls’ Generation’s youngest member Seohyun will view the UN Pavilion and meet other visitors face to face to… Continue reading

The Italian Pavilion presents a variety of attractions

The Italia Pavilion features various events – start planning your cruise, enjoy great performances, and participate in the technology seminar. The Costa Victoria Cruze called at Yeosu on June 14th for the second… Continue reading

[Notice] Here are tips for foreign visitors –Tax Refund!

The Organizing Committee for Yeosu Expo announced that most of the shops operated at the Expo site provided a service of Tax Refund for foreign visitors. Tax Refund is a system where foreign… Continue reading

[Notice] Updated news regarding Aquarium operation

Aqua Planet Yeosu opens again and Beluga Whale the mascot gets a break. Aqua Forest reopens for visitors to Aqua Planet Yeosu, starting on June 18th. The aquarium has been temporarily closed since… Continue reading

Eight participant countries gave special lectures for Korean teenagers!

Here is an awesome opportunity to get to know about countries that participate in 2012 Yeosu Expo. Eight countries from all over the world presented themselves to Korean teenagers on June 14th, Thursday… Continue reading

Time for a fun game. Guess who are 3 top K-POP stars visiting Yeosu!

What’s up, K-POP lovers! Yeony and Suny are excited to see k-pop stars yayy. Are you ready to rock and roll, people? Guess who are going to show up then! Guess who are 3 top singers… Continue reading

An angel volunteer from Argentina helps out with the Yeosu Expo

Hola, Yeosu Expo! Mr. Kim Suk, a middle aged man from Argentina, visited his home country Korea for the first time after 30 years and decided to help out with the expo. He… Continue reading

Busker Busker of ‘Yeosu Night Beach’ comes to Yeosu!

It is time to sing ‘Yeosu Night Beach’ with Busker Busker. The Second Big Wave Concert is prepared to give the Expo visitors unforgettable memories. On June 15th, a famous band Busker Busker… Continue reading