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This is an Emergency! The summer disappeared at Yeosu Expo.

A hot summer is awful for the visitors; it is the biggest enemy for Yeosu Expo. However, we do not have to concern about the heated weather of summer anymore since the iced… Continue reading

Expo Digital Gallery (EDG)

– Expo Digital Gallery –  Located on the main street of the Expo site, and connected to the Yeosu station, the EDG has the distinction of being the world’s first marine culture and… Continue reading

The Sky Tower

The Sky Tower will play the beautiful music at the sea. Let’s listen the beautiful music from Sky Tower.  The Sky Tower is the tallest structure on the Expo site. It was innovatively created by renovating an… Continue reading

The Big-O

 The Big-O is a centerpiece of the Expo 2012.   The Big-O is a symbolic site of the Expo. It provides a space for large-scale events and performances. You can fully experience the Expo’s… Continue reading