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[D-4] various mascots live in Yeosu Expo 2

As the yesterday’s post of various mascots live in Yeosu Expo, Yeony and Suny are introducing their friends again. Philippine Pavilion: BOK The giant clam, BOK is the mascot of the Philippine Pavilion.… Continue reading

This is an Emergency! The summer disappeared at Yeosu Expo.

A hot summer is awful for the visitors; it is the biggest enemy for Yeosu Expo. However, we do not have to concern about the heated weather of summer anymore since the iced… Continue reading

Yeosu transforms to the seven beaches of the world.

<Expo Digital Gallery> At the Expo Digital Gallery (EDG), visitors can experience the beautiful landscapes of seven world’s famous seas including the Dead Sea, Greenland, Capri, and Busan. Charles de Meaux, the renowned… Continue reading

Are you curious about history of World Expo?

The word, BIE is an abbreviation Bureau International des Exposition in French.  In Yeosu Expo, we have a BIE Pavilion which provides history of the World Expo. Now let’s meet the BIE Pavilion through the… Continue reading

Marine Life Pavilion (Aquarium)

Diversity and Beauty of the Ocean The Marine Life Pavilion is designed to show the mystery and beauty of the coast (mudflats) and marine life, and teach the value of marine ecosystems and… Continue reading

Fisheries Experience Zone

The Fisheries Experience Zones give visitors an opportunity to learn more about the marine fisheries industry and offers relaxation with exhibitions of cultivated marine organisms and other facilities.   Facility Size Site Area:… Continue reading

Waterfront Deck

This pedestrian deck links the Big-O and the Ocean Experience Park, allowing visitors to take in diverse cultural performances/events and multi-media shows while enjoying a breathtaking view of the ocean. The Waterfront deck… Continue reading


There are four entrance plazas facing in each direction and expressing different aspects of the ocean and coast. The South Gate plaza symbolizes the union of land and ocean; the North Gate plaza… Continue reading

Marine City Pavilion

The Marine City Pavilion is one of the Sub-theme pavilions highlighting the Expo theme “The Living Ocean and Coast.”   – Theme – Humankind’s Challenges and Achievements with the Sea – Ocean Silk… Continue reading

Marine Industrial & Technology Pavilion

The Marine Industry and Technology Pavilion is one of the Sub-theme pavilions highlighting the Expo theme “The Living Ocean and Coast.”     – Theme – Realizing the Blue Economy through Marine Industry… Continue reading