[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Part I – “Debaters” discuss Yeosu Expo!

Today, Yeony and Suny are here to share how teenagers understood the Yeosu Expo.

This time, a club of Yeosu High School, “Debaters” talked about Yeosu Expo with various points of views.

<Club members of “Debaters” are jumping>

The following is what Huseong An (a second-year student of Debaters) wrote about Yeosu Expo.

“All things – the grand sound of world’s loudest pipe organ from Sky Tower, the fantastic Big-O Show which I could enjoy at corridor of our school, the crowds and lots of cars now became a precious memory.

I felt so lonesome after the Expo which had seemed never to end ended.

As the closest visitor to the world’s event, somehow I felt obligated to write about Yeosu Expo.”

Frame 1 – Excessive Digital, but…

(by the team of Yeo – Lee Jin (leader), Park Jinseong, Shin Giho, An Huseong, and Jang Youngsik)

We could see our gloomy future of excessive digital.

Every pavilion seemed to promoted 3D or 4D technologies, which bordered on digital floods.

Some visitors might feel sick of unilateral digital communication.

However, Yeosu Expo also tried to present how to resolve the negative sides of digital – EDG (Expo Digital Gallery) which composed of 5,800 Televisions of sixty inches enabled us to enjoy the kaleidoscope of the ocean!

The most popular content was “A Dreaming Whale” – the media whale became bigger as visitors sent their photos using their smart phones. This “two-say” digital communication was good enough to make visitors exclaim.

Yeosu Expo deserves to be called as “U-Expo” since they set up a ubiquitous computing environment where people could connect to network without accessibility to computer or network.

Yeosu Expo presented a new communication which could help us overcome the excessive digital environment with the ubiquitous technology.

Frame 2 – There is No Superiority among Cultures!

(by the team of Su – Kim Donghwa (leader), Seo Hongmin, Seon Junsang, Jeong Minho and Chu Ingeun)

Before the Yeosu Expo, we only understood that “there is no superiority among cultures” but could not accept it with heart. However, we could find a solution on this issue.

For 93 days, Yeosu Expo had started every morning with the event of “National Day.”

We think that various cultural performances by 104 participant countries based on their own cultural background contributed a lot to overcoming our prejudices related to culture.

Cultural performances of Vietnam, Uruguay, Cambodia, Angola, Qatar and Kazakhstan were invited to the official closing ceremony of Yeosu Expo, which means a lot to us since they have been undervalued in relation to their culture.

<Kazakhstan’s cultural performance>

Not only the special art exhibition of Bill Viola (a world’s famous media artist from USA) was acclaimed by visitors but also Korean traditional folk cultural performances were loved by visitors.

According to the author of “COWS, PIGS, WARS AND WITCHES: The Riddles of Culture,” Marvin Harris, cultural phenomenon were formed in the process of mankind’s searching for efficient survival strategy under given circumstances. We think that this means different lives lead different cultures.