[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Complex Cultural Feast

Ranging from classical music to hair fashion demonstration, the cultural events held during Yeosu Expo were very various. Yeony and Suny invite you to recall those happy memories today!


★Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

At the Floating Stage of Big-O of which background is the beautiful ocean of Yeosu, sophisticated classical concert was held. Korean top orchestra, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra made the night in Yeosu more beautiful with music.


Meet the beautiful night with the following video clip.

★Fashion Show by the World’s Designer from Turkey

Simay Bulbul, a new rising fashion designer from Turkey kicked off a fashion show at Yeosu Expo! The show was about “30’s silhouette.”


Meet the fabulous fashion show with the following video clip.

★ Naval Parade

What a restrained and majestic parade!!

Enjoy the Korean Naval Parade with the following video clip.

★ Hebei Province Week Festival

One of the most fancy cultural events, the provincial performance from Hebei in China received an ovation. How beautiful their stage was!

Enjoy this fantastic performance with the following video clip.

★ Hair Fashion Demonstration

Morten Lynge who is well known for creativity, professionalism, and a progressive approach to hair fashion, showed hair styling show at the Denmark Pavilion.

Watch the process of a girl’s make-over with the following video clip.