[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Part IV – Street Performing Festival: Funny

Yeony: More than 2 week already passed since the official closing of Yeosu Expo. I really miss lots of things.

Suny: OMG! Did you already forget everything?

Yeony: Nope! I mean… I miss them. What about you? Do you still remember lots of performances during 93 days?

Suny: Of course!!! HAHA! Then, I will make you recall FUNNY street performances today!

Yeony: Oh, sweetie! I can’t wait! Hurry!


★ Gamarjobat

Gamarjobat whose fame has gained through the world had offered exciting and funny silent comic performance for Expo visitors. These red- and yellow-mohaked Japanese guys were one of Yeony’s favorites. “Gamarjobat” means “hello” in Georgian.

Enjoy their funny comic show with the following video clip!

★Robinson Cruseom (meaning Robinson Cru-island)

You can’t be confused with its name, Robin Cruseom, not Robison Crusoe. This team had made visitors laugh by delivering a difficult theme (an alienated individual living in a city) in a joyful way.

Suny recommend you to watch their performance with the following video clip.

★ Statue Mime

You can guess what it is by the name of performance. Performers only moved when visitors were trying to take a photo with them. How cheerful she was! 😀

You can meet another statue mime performer – Poseidon with the following video clip.

★ Water War

A Korean performance team, Pencil Case has performed Water War! They blew off the heat with their funny water performance! How cool it was!

Enjoy their cooool performance with the following video clip.