[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Part III – Street Performing Festival: Interactive

Yeony and Suny came back with the third story of Street Performing Festival!

Some of the street performances had been loved since they tried to approach to the visitors first and communicate with them. Performers as well as audience can’t help loving this kind of performance if they feel in the same way.


Then, let’s meet those interactive street performances.


★Stilt A,B Parade 

When you headed up while walking the street, “Daddy Long Legs” said hi to you while he looked down. He was kind enough to bend his knees to take photos with the visitors. Yeony and Suny miss his kind and beautiful smile! J


Meet the Stilt A,B Parade with the following video clip.



What can you name if you are asked what kind of performances can you communicate most? Yeony and Suny would name “Music!”

Time to meet various bands which had performed during the expo this time!

 ★ Bands 

A youth band consisting of Police Academy students had been loved. Cool policemen pleased visitors with music! 🙂 

Meet this band with the following video clip.


Sweet voices of a band named “Gyeongyu” attracted visitors.

Meet this band with the following video clip.


A jazz band, “Korea Junior Big Band” showed joyous harmony with a key board, saxophones, and trumpets.

Meet this band with the following video clip.