[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] The President of the Republic of Korea invites Yeosu Expo

The President of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Lee invited 240 contributors of the successful Yeosu Expo to the Blue House, the Korean presidential residence on last Friday (August 24).


Mr. President congratulated 240 people on their success by giving a luncheon.

<The President, Lee Myung-bak congratulated the successful hosting of Yeosu Expo.> **photo source: Naver News

The followings are what Mr. Lee said at the luncheon:

“Thanks to hosting the world’s festival, various infrastructures such as rail system, air system and roads have improved a lot. I hope the second success should be achieved though the Expo closed – continued development of the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula.”


“It is very meaningful that the successful hosting of World’s Expo was achieved by a small city of the southern coast, Yeosu. I think it is a process of regional development of Korea.”

Yeony and Suny are also proud all of you since the Expo successfully promoted the Green Development through the ocean to the globe. 🙂