[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Part II – Street Performing Festival: Exciting

For those who missed EXCITING street performances at Yeosu Expo, Yeony and Suny came back with a series of articles – various feelings in relation to street performances.


Here is the Ocean Plaza where you could feel the refreshing breeze from the ocean.

While enjoying the beautiful, EXCITING B-boying dance attracted Yeony and Suny.

The following video clip shows you the EXCITING B-boying dance!


A romantic love story between a girl and a giant, “Company with Balls” has attracted visitors EXCITING waltz.

You can enjoy this lovely and EXCITING performance with the following video clip.


Korean traditional performance team, Palsandae offered EXCITING rhythm to all the visitors from the globe everyday!

Enjoy the EXCITING Korean traditional music with the following video clip.


“Enjoying with visitors” in which not only Palsandae team but also other street performers from the world had EXCITING 20 minutes everyday during the Expo! Lots of people have enjoyed Korean traditional circle dance, Ganggangsuwollae.

You can meet this EXCITING moment with the following video clip.