[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Part I – Street Performing Festival: Amazing

For those who missed AMAZING street performances at Yeosu Expo, Yeony and Suny came back with a series of articles – various feelings in relation to street performances.

Ready to be amazed!!! 😀

Tada!! One of the most famous street performances – “Zero Gravity Man”

It is still mysterious! How can he levitate?

The following video clip shows another “Zero Gravity Man” reading a book up in the air!



Among various heroes, which one is your favorite??

For Yeony and Suny, Spiderman is the best!!! During Yeosu Expo, Spider-men entertained visitors!

The following video clip shows their thrilling performance!



This time, funny guys – Comic Circus!!!!

Meet his fun and joyful circus with the following video clip!



The World Champion of Juggling Circus!!!

The following video clip would make you be all eyes!!!