Writing Competition – Write your impression on Yeosu Expo

Are you fluent in Korean? Do you think you are a good writer? Are you interested in writing?

Then, pay attention!


Yeony and Suny are waiting your precious story regarding Yeosu Expo!

Your writing has to be related to your experience on Yeosu Expo and there is no limit on writing forms such as poem and essay.

The competition ends on September 12 (by 18L00). You can participate in this competition alone or in-group.

The essay should be written in the document form of Hwp.

The length of essay should be more than 2 pages and cannot exceed 6 pages.


Send your essay with the following steps:

  1. Download the application form at http://goo.gl/w15US.
  2. Send your completed application form and essay through mail or on-line.

** Go to http://expostory.yeosu.go.kr/home/expostory/story/story_02

** Mail to 18-12 Hakdongseo 4-gil, Yeosu, Jeollanamdo, South Korea

Winners will be announced in October of 2012.

Get details at http://expostory.yeosu.go.kr/home/expostory/story/story_01