[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] The highlight of Yeosu Expo – Big-O Show

Today, Yeony and Suny invite you to the most beloved contents, Big-O Show!

Time to go back to the glorious day!

Wow!! Can you guess how many people gathered to watch the Big-O Show?

It proves that the popularity of Big-O Show!

Yeony and Suny think the fame of Big-O Show gained through its colorful show and a meaningful story which delivers a message that we should care our ocean since all the lives including humans came from the ocean.

Thank you for loving this fantastic and meaningful multi-media show during the Expo! Also, Yeony and Suny appreciate all the staffs who designed, directed and created the Big-O Show!


Then, let’s meet the world’s most fantastic multi-media show with some photos now!