[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Unforgettable memory – Yeosu Expo

Yeosu City conducted a survey regarding “Visitors’ Satisfaction on Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea” with “the Preparatory Committee for Yeosu Expo,” “Expo Citizen Forum,” “Yeosu MBC,” and “Laboratory of Community Development at Chonnam National University.” A total of 2,000 people including citizens of Yeosu and visitors answered the survey.

**The Survey was done within the Expo site from June 30 to August 4.

Q. Did you find the Expo contents various and interesting?

60.7% of the respondents said in a positive light. Only 6.9% showed negative attitude.

Q. How much do you think the Expo was successful in realizing the theme of Yeosu Expo?

64.1% of answers were positive.

Q. How much do you think Yeosu citizens were kind to visitors?

53.2% of respondents answered they were generally satisfied.

Q. Did you find the service of volunteers satisfactory?

62% answered “generally satisfied” and only 7.7% of answers were negative.

Q. How long did you stay in Yeosu for Expo tour?

The average appeared as 3.94 days.

<The night view of International Pavilion>

As the most impressive pavilion, 60.7% of the respondents answered “International Pavilion.”

Big-O, Aquarium, Theme Pavilion and Korea Pavilion followed that.

To prevent traffic jam, citizens of Yeosu seemed to participate in a campaign – “Using the Public Transportation” voluntarily.  62.6% of citizens answered “willingly participated.”

Thanks to their cooperation, the traffic has generally been in pretty good condition in Yeosu area.