The 14th Korea-China Music Festival on August 25

EDG (Expo which has gained reputation as a fantastic stage that lots of fans and K-POP stars had loved during the Expo will host a grand music festival again!

The 14th Korea-China Music Festival will be held at EDG on August 25 (8pm). Korean and Chinese stars will heat up the summer night in Yeosu!

Check the fantastic line-ups:

Korean stars – SNSD, 2PM, IU, KARA, Taewoo Kim, Sonya, Supernova (Chosinsung), B1A4, RaNia, EXO-K

Chinese Stars – Tan Jing, Sa Dingding, EXO-M, etc.

Note) From August 16, tickets have been distributed by the followings:

Yeosu City Hall (061-690-2051), KBS Gwangju (062-610-7100), KBS Suncheon (061-750-7100)