[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Reminiscing about the Hidden Contributors

Did you know that the accumulated number of visitors surpassed 8 million on the closing day of Yeosu Expo (August 12)? Yeony and Suny put its success to the credit of hidden contributors – Expo coordinators who had worked in Yeosu for last 4 months!


Today, Yeony and Suny reminisce about those beautiful people who had done their best for the successful Yeosu Expo!


Let’s meet them with some photos!

Singapore Pavilion’s staff welcomed Yeony and Suny with cutie smile! 😀

Belgium Pavilions’ staff who distributed free Lotus biscuits to visitors

Crews worked on creating stage sets for street performances. Your efforts made various street performances successful and safe. Thanks! 😀

Climate and Environment Pavilion’s staff guided visitors in waiting line.

A safeguard watched visitors walking near the beach to prevent accidents.

Yeony and Suny were so relieved since they had a guy like this safeguard working in the rain.

“How can I get to Expo Digital Gallery?”

A coordinator kindly answered a kid to ask for a direction. 🙂

Nonetheless to say, Yeony and Suny owed the safe hosting of Yeosu Expo to these safe guards!

Thank you again. 🙂

Volunteers were also huge contributors to the successful Yeosu Expo. Yeony and Suny truly and deeply appreciate their efforts. 😀

Yeony and Suny will never forget all of you! Sending a big hug to you!