[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] The Closing Ceremony of the Theme Pavilion

The Theme Pavilion where one of best friends of Yeony and Suny,

Dugong had told a story from the ocean celebrated its successful operation of 93 days on August 12!

How beautiful the night view of the Theme Pavilion is!

The very last visitors were waiting to tour the Theme Pavilion.

Finally, Dugong showed up and told a story from the ocean to visitors!

Dugong’s special event only for last visitors, Gangnam Style made all the visitors laugh.

All the staffs bowed to appreciate the love of visitors!

Staffs gathered for a commemorative photo!

Another commemorative photo with Dugong!

The Theme Pavilion will never be forgotten by staffs and Yeony&Suny!

Thank you for all the efforts and contribution to the successful Yeosu Expo.