[Good Bye, Yeosu Expo] Closing Ceremony of the Climate & Environment Pavilion

The Climate and Environment Pavilion was much loved by visitors and VIPs.

“It was the best pavilion since it suggested solutions for climate change and environment pollution issues.”

“This pavilion successfully delivered an impressive message regarding the seriousness of climate change.”

This meaningful pavilion celebrated its successful operation and had a closing ceremony.

Let’s meet the emotional moment with some photos!

At 9:40 pm on the closing day of Yeosu Expo (August 12),

beautiful young people gathered for the very last tour of the Climate and Environment Pavilion.

coordinators and the mascot “Gigomi” had a dance time with PSY’s Gangnam Style.”

To celebrate the last tour of the pavilion, there was a special event where visitors could join.

Some children won surprizing prizes.

“Gigomi” was happy to see children’s pleasant faces.

After all the visitors left the pavilion, special badges were distributed.

Look how much coordinators were happy with special badges of the Climate and Environment Pavilion.

About time to say good bye to Gigomi!

Thanks to all of your efforts for the last 93 days, the pavilion could be loved.

Yeony and Suny will not forget your efforts and contribution.

Thank you and love you all!! 🙂