Celebrating the successful voyage of 93 days!!

Yesterday (August 12), the 92 days’ voyage of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea successfully ended!

To celebrate the successful hosting of 21st century’s first Ocean Expo, lots of VIPs from participant countries, international organizations, BIE, and Korean Government and staffs who have worked for Yeosu Expo gathered. The ceremony was hosted under a theme of “We Are Making a Step Forward for the Ocean – Our Very First Step of New Ocean Era.”

The President of BIE, Ferdinand Nagi celebrated the successful Yeosu Expo and delivered a message to thank all the participants. Also, he stressed the importance of Yeosu Expo’s spirit and asked persistent support on sustainable ocean once again.

“The theme of Yeosu Expo, the Living Ocean and Coast will not go anywhere though the Expo closes. Everyone would keep cooperating to improve our future with healthier ocean, coast and river.”

The official flag of BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) was officially returned.

Cultural performances were also shown – Argentina National Tango and Angola’s traditional cultural performance. Big-O Show which was most loved by visitors said good bye to all the audiences.

Let’s meet the celebration stage with some photos!