[The Closing Day] Yeosu Declaration Forum

Yeosu Declaration Forum with a theme of “Expectations and Measured to Translate the Spirit of the Yeosu Declaration into Concrete Actions” was successfully held on the closing day of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea (August 12).

Yeosu Declaration was read by the Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Willy Telavi. Tuvalu is now suffering with rising sea levels resulted from global warming – 2 islands of Tuvalu already disappeared due to risen sea level.

This forum was hosted under a purpose to declare the spirit of Yeosu Declaration globally and to search for a method to utilize it after the Expo officially closes. The eco-friendly and sustainable vision of “Green Development from the Ocean” was stressed for the next generation and the public which are not directly relevant to the ocean. VIPs and panels discussed concrete actions to realize the spirit of Yeosu Declaration and a global cooperation to strengthen the capability of developing countries to use the ocean resources in a sustainable way and to adapt to the climate change issues better.

The Yeosu Declaration represents the legacy of Yeosu Expo, with its theme of the “Living Ocean and Coast”.  It calls for cooperation among the international community in the importance of sustainable marine environment. The reason that this movement was meaningful is that Yeosu Declaration is the showcase and the legacy of Yeosu Expo which seeks for innovative improvement of science and technology. This surely made Yeosu Declaration different when it is compared with other existing declarations which have focused on conservation.

South Korea as the host of the 21st century’s first ocean expo will keep making efforts to strengthen the creative cooperation for sustainable ocean and coast. Korean Government is trying to increase the investment on marine technology and also on supporting programs for developing countries in relation to ocean issues.

Yeony and Suny are appreciating all the efforts of participant countries and some international organizations such as UN and BIE to realize the spirit of Yeosu Expo – the Living Ocean and Coast.

Let’s meet the forum with some photos now!