[The Closing Day] Beautiful People who shined Yeosu Expo!

Hello all! Today Yeony and Suny are here to present “the beautiful people at Yeosu Expo”! Then here we go~

#At Climate & Environment Pavilion

Yeony and Suny could meet Minji Kim! She works as one of the employees at the pavilion. Her co-workers had recommended her saying that she is outgoing and kind!


#At Singapore Pavilion

This is Low Yihui who is one of the employees at Singapore Pavilion! She was a bit shy when Yeony and Suny met her! However, she later said she was surprised that she is getting covered! Hehe don’t worry~ we took a good picture of you~


#At Peru Pavilion

Yeony and Suny met another beautiful person at Peru Pavilion! He is Hopkins Diego. He was also shy about Yeony and Suny’s visit, but he said he is not shy about his ‘popularity’!


#At Australia Pavilion

We could meet Sharon Phillips at Australia Pavilion! She is majoring in Korean at her university! She could speak fluent Korean, and she mentioned that it is a great opportunity to work at Yeosu Expo! Yay!


#At Malaysia Pavilion

Wow who is this beauty?? Her name is Faezah Mohammed moor who works at Malaysia Pavilion! She was awarded at the Songkran Beauty Contest!


#At Swiss Pavilion

This is Alex Mazzucchelli who works at Swiss Pavilion! He mentioned that his father is from Swiss and his mother is from Korea that Alex could travel many countries! Also he said Yeosu Expo is a great place to meet people from all around the country : )


#At Belgium Pavilion

Are you from Belgium? No, I am from Swiss! This is Emma Ekelund Trelde is one of the employy at Belgium Pavilion. She is from Swiss but Yeony and Suny could see her passion on Belgium Pavilion~


#At Kazakhstan Pavilion

This is Aibar who works at Kazakhstan Pavilion. He is majoring in Korean at his university! He is only 23, and seemed shy that he is getting coverd. BUT he said he made so many unforgettable memories at Yeosu Expo! Yeony and Suny were so glad to hear it~


#At Lithuania Pavilion

This is Zevgengus Soikinhas at Lithuania Pavilion! He looks smart, but he is more known for his wits and humor at the Pavilion!


#At Italia Pavilion

This is Stefano working at Italia Pavilion! He had this very chic aura that Italians have. He made a great pose for the photo shoot!


#At Netherlands Pavilion

This is Bauke Lodewe who is a Vise Director of the Netherlands Pavilion! He said he was so excited about Willem-Alexander, the Crown Prince’s visit at Yeosu Expo for the National Day of Netherland!



This is the ending of “the beautiful people at Yeosu Expo”!

Today is the very last day of Expo! Yeony and Suny are so thankful about all the loves and enthusiasm on Yeosu Expo. We appreciated so much, and we hope to see you again! Thank you!