[The closing day] How much was the Yeosu Expo attractive?

Yeony and Suny are very proud of being the official mascots of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea.

7 out of 10 visitors (73.2% out of a total of 2,012 respondents) answered that “they would like to visit the Expo again” if the Expo site is going to be re-used and re-opened after the closing of Yeosu Expo.

Also, 29.4% of respondents answered “beautiful ocean of the South Coast,” 23.9% answered “International Pavilion where unique cultures mingle,” and 21% answered “various performances/events” when they were asked of what is your top-of-mind regarding Yeosu Expo.

The most impressive content was answered as “Big-O Show” (52.5%) and “Big Ocean Show” (25.5%) and “Street Performing Festival” (11.4%) followed the first ranked content.

 “Aquarium” seemed to be most loved and hottest facility.

Yeony and Suny ask all of you to be interested in the utilization of Yeosu Expo after the Expo officially closes its door. 

**The survey was done through SNS channels and a total of 2,012 respondents answered. Survey duration was August 6 through 9 in 2012. 60% of respondents were female and 45% of respondents answered that they currently live in Seoul and Gyeonggi.