No.6 How many recycled cans are collected from Yeosu Expo’s Can Collection Boxes?

At Yeosu Expo, there are five “Eco Clean House” which is cans collections boxes. There are 31,065 cans and 31,703 PET bottles collected at Eco Clean House! They are calculated al to produce 5,991,670g carbons. Thus, Yeosu Expo saved 5,991,670g carbons! Yay!

No.7 How much are the values of exhibit objects from both national and international in US dollars?

There are 104 countries participated at Yeosu Expo, and the values of exhibit objects sums up to about $12 million! This included Diamond that wroth of $540,000 in Belgium Pavilion and amber that worth of $26,000 in Lithuania Pavilion.

No.8 Which Pavilion/Exhibition had most crowds at Yeosu Expo?

Measured until August 7, the Aquarium had the most crowds of 2,256,963! The aquarium hosted endangered species including Beluga which is a white dolphin from Russia, Weedy Sea Dragon and more. Despite the long waiting line of 1 hour, people had waited to see these endangered species!

No.9 How long did “Gravitation-Free Man” stayed in the air?

Among many of Street Performances, “Gravitation-Free Man” has become one of the most famous performances. He performed 279 times with total of 13,950 minutes! People still do not know about the secret of “Gravitation-Free Man”… Yeony and Suny want to know the secret too!

No.10 How many calls did Yeosu Expo Call Center Get?

People can ask any questions about Yeosu Expo at Yeosu Expo Call Center. Measured until Aug 9, the call center got 241,846 calls! WHOA! And you know what? There are only 31 call counselors working at the call center! Let’s thank call counselors for their kind answers on every call!

Other than these “Guinness Records”, there are more stories at Yeosu Expo! There are 210,000 people had purchased Expo Passport, and 50,000 people had signed for Yeosu Declaration! Wow Yeosu Expo accomplished a lot in 3 months! Yeony and Suny thank you all!!