[D-1] Who will be the lucky one to have the ticket to Expo 2015 Milan Italy?

On the last two days of Yeosu Expo (August 11 and 12), the mega-event will be held!!

A great chance to win a huge prize of trip to Milan Expo in 2015 which includes round-trip flights, accommodations for 4 nights and admission tickets and to win a Hyundai Motor Group’s car is waiting for you!

Application forms are going to be distributed within EDG (Expo Digital Gallery) and all you have to do is completing the application form and submitting it.

At the moment when the accumulated number of visitors reaches 8 million, the event closes and winners are going to be announced. To celebrate the reaching point of 8 million visitors, the Organizing Committee for Yeosu Expo and the city of Yeosu host this event. Don’t miss this amazing chance!

Winners are going to receive the following prizes:

2 people – ticket to visit Milan Expo in 2015

Round trip flights, accommodations for 4 nights and admission ticket of Milan Expo are all included. Each winner is going to receive 2 tickets for a trip to Milan Expo.

1 person – a car of Hyundai Motor Group

Milan Expo is going to be held May 1st through October 31 in 2015.

Good luck everyone! 🙂