[D-1] Let’s Meet the Day of BIE!

Today is the Day of BIE! Do you know what BIE stands for? It stands for Bureau International des (of) Expositions. BIE is an intergovernmental organization is charge of overseeing the bidding, the selection, and the organization of World and International Expos.BIE was created by an international conventions signed in Paris, France in 1928, which established rights and responsibilities of the Expo organizers and participants.

The BIE comprises of six main bodies which includes General Assembly, a President, an Executive Committee, an Administration and Budget Committee, a Regulations Committee, and an Information and Communication Committee. The BIE‘s mission is to maintain the integrity and quality of Expos so that they may continue to educate the public and promote innovation in the service of human progress.

 To celebrate the Day of BIE, there were many main VIPS have participated including Mr. Ferdinand Nagy who is the President of the BIE, and Mr. Vincente G. Loscertales who is the Secretary General of the BIE.

There were also celebration cultural performances along with celebration street performances!

The cultural performance included 3 sessions: Echo, Communication and Gratitude. The first performance was called “Echo”, and it was held with four motives of rains, winds, thunders, and lightening. These are described in the performance with Korean drums and Udu which makes similar sounds of bass.

The second performance was about “Communication”. The performance used the Mission Impossible movies’ OST song performed with Korea traditional instruments and female dancers. This was very beautiful and splendid performance!

The third performance was about “Gratitude”, which was to show Korea’s gratitude on hosting Expo and its successful ending. This performance was restructuring the Korea traditional dance into modern dance. As the climax comes, the song and dances become more dynamic!

The Street Performances were held with the theme of “from water to the land”. The theme is to show that Yeosu Expo’s main theme “water” is now passing its baton to Milano Expo 2015 which has a theme of “land. The performances have five sessions: Change, Rhythm of the Land, Video, Show and Opera.

Then Let’s meet the Day of BIE through photos of the performances!