[D-1] Let’s meet badges collector at Yeosu Expo!

Do you know about Yeosu Expo is getting excited about “collecting badges”? They can be collected through purchases or exchanges with others!

Let’s see some photos of badge collectors!


These are badges of Byung-il Park who is an employee at Angola pavilion. He said his favorite badges are the Angola flag badge which is only given to Angola Pavilion employees!

This is Se-in Park who is 11th grade at Yeosu Girls’ High School. She could get many badges from her mother who works at souvenir shop at German Pavilion! She exchanged some of her badges to others.

Even though he does not have many badges like others, he likks just like other badge collectors! He told Yeony and Suny that he has full set of White Dolphin badges from China Pavilion. Ooh~ they are so colorful!

These are the badges from Young-hoon Chung! He told us his favorite badge is the “Suwon badge” which he could get one through exchange from one of the (지자체관) employees.

“Collecting badges are one of the best communication tools among Yeosu Expo visitors!”, said by Mi-ae Kim. She also said she enjoys how collecting badges are not limited to certain people or country. One of her badge, the silver Peru Pavilion badge is only 300 limited one! Wow she is lucky to get one!

They are Swiss Pavilion employees: Rohrbach on the left and Mareschi on the right. Mareshi has about 25 badges! She said she will collect as many as she can until the Yeosu Expo closing date!

These are badges from Hee-min Ryu who is one of the Expo SNS Supporters! Hello Ryu! He called his bag as “The Badge Bag”.

WHOA!! How many badges are there?? These are badges from so called “Badge Family”. They already become so famous among other badges collectors. They said they want to make these badges in frame, and remember Yeosu Expo!


Yeony and Suny hope Yeosu Expo 2012 has made sweet memories for all of Expo visitors! Thank you for loving us and Yeosu Expo!