[D-2]Outstanding Guidebook to Show “A to Z” of One Day Trip of Yeosu Expo!

Have you ever wanted to be recommended with good accommodations while planning a trip to Yeosu Expo? What about foods? What about transporation?

There are the most frequently asked questions which Yeony and Suny have answered during the Expo: recommendation on accommodation, transportation information and what to look around first if they have only one day to tour the Expo.

For those who have wondered about Yeosu Expo trip, some college students made an amazing guidebook to let people what they found interesting as well as useful information regarding transportation, accommodation, and facilities. This guidebook tells us all day story of Yeosu Expo trip – from getting ready to enjoying the real Expo.

Yeony and Suny found this guidebook meaningful since this guidebook was written and editted entirely based on visitors’ views and experiences. Yeony and Suny are amazed by their sophisticated editing and useful contents. They wrote this guidebook after understanding what every visitor including them wanted to know when they plan a trip to Yeosu Expo.

Yeony and Suny want to share some of pages of this guidebook with you today!

Again, Yeony and Suny praise their efforts and contribution.

Before concluding, let’s meet who wrote this guidebook and their epilogue.