[D-2] Yeony and Suny finally completed Must-visit List!!!

Thanks to Yeony and Suny’s friends’ help, Yeony and Suny could successfully complete the Must-visit List of Yeosu Expo!

At the Special Event held on the official Facebook page of Yeosu Expo from July 20 to August 3, a total of 79 recommendations were made.

First of all, Yeony and Suny share what facilities were most popular among visitors:

Thailand Pavilion – 12 votes

Big-O Show – 10 votes

Expo Digital Gallery (EDG) – 8 votes

Aquarium – 7 votes

DSME Robot Pavilion – 6 votes

SKY Tower – 5 votes

Then, let’s meet who won the event now!

Rachel Yap from Malaysia was selected as the 1st place winner! Rachel recommended various but very useful facilities including convenience facilities as well as pavilions and thematic facilities. Yeony and Suny can’t find a right word to express their appreciation to her efforts to make a good recommendation list. Restaurant, foods, performance, and some shops are all included in her list. Thank you again, Rachel!!

Eunju Grace Park who is the only Korean winner and Soh Zhau Wan from Malaysia were selected as the 2nd place winners.

Eunju was selected as one of the second place winner since she seemed to understand the theme of Yeosu Expo and the theme of Israel Pavilion well. Yeony and Suny were very touched by her way to think our nature!

Soh Zhau Wan from Malaysia is another second place winner. Though the winner has not visited Yeosu Expo, Soh seemed to study Expo very hard! Yeony and Suny can guess well how eagerly Soh want to visit the Expo directly! His or her recommendation included facilities which were most voted at this event.

As the third place winners, Dessy Tp from Indonesia, Najaa Kesuma IndraOne from Malaysia, and Satyajeet Kumar Arun from India were selected.

Dessy Tp recommended one of Joint Pavilions – Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion. Countries which participate in Expo as Joint Pavilion have set their exhibition at a small space but their message, passion to join in Expo’s theme, and cultural performances were extraordinarily amazing. And Dessy was the one who understood their efforts very well. Yeony and Suny want to thank Dessy Tp instead of all the staffs working at Joint Pavilions.

Najaa Kesuma IndraOne was selected due to her unique and brilliant idea to express her love toward Expo Pop Festival which has been held since June 16 with no rest. Korean singers would love your idea if they see this post!

Satyajeet Kumar Arun was selected since he shared his favorite facilities with good reason. He seemed to understand the importance of those facilities at Yeosu Expo.

By the way, Thailand Pavilion was most voted. Some of them were made consecutively at the event page. Thank you all!!! You guys made the event page more interesting! XD

7 of our fans including Soh Zhau Wan (the second place winner) made their recommendation based on their understanding thgough visiting our page though they never visited Yeosu Expo. Thank you for your interest all!

Before concluding this article, Yeony and Suny once again want to say thank all the recommendations made during the event period.